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  • Get Aquamarine Jewelry Collection at wholesale price.
    Aquamarine is a precious gemstone and it belongs to a beryl family. They have different color hues from blue to green-blue. If you are born in March, aquamarine is an official birthstone. The Aquamarine gemstones are hard and they have excellent transparency. At Gemexi, you will find the best…[Leer más]

  • Malachite Loose Gemstone at an affordable price.
    Malachite is a green-colored gemstone believed to be a part of the monolithic crystal system. Malachite has a silky luster that gives it a patterned surface. You can quickly identify the malachite by its rich green hues. Malachite derives its name from the Greek word malakos which means soft. A…[Leer más]

  • A beautiful Emerald Jewelry at wholesale price.
    Emeralds are the birthstone of May. Emeralds have a beautiful green color. The endless beauty of emerald jewelry is everyone’s favorite. Emerald jewelry is a unique addition to your style. Emerald jewelry has longed for its captivating charm for ages. The fresh green color also symbolized the…[Leer más]

  • Grab the best deal on Fluorite Jewelry in Gemexi.
    Fluorite is an enchanting gemstone. Fluorite finds in a wide range of hues including white, blue, black, orange, red, brown, purple, green, and many more. But the most famous color of this gemstone is purple. You can carry this stone in the form of a Ring, Pendant, or earrings. The striped and…[Leer más]

  • Mojave Turquoise Jewelry at Wholesale Price
    From minimalist Mojave Turquoise Earring to surreally designed Mojave Turquoise necklaces – at our store, we host a wide range of uniquely designed Mojave jewelry! The stunning Mojave Turquoise is found in a wide range of hues like purple, blue, green, and orange. The most famous choices are purple…[Leer más]


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